Welcome to our School

Sunflower International School is a co-educational day school located in Arusha Tanzania. We are a mixed School teaching children’s aged between 0 up to 5 years. We follow the British Curriculum integrated with the Tanzanian National Curriculum.

Our Mission

To bring out the best in a child in terms of discipline confidence and academic excellence.

Our Approach

Early Years

Our Focus

Is on creative learning methods tailored to enhance the physical, emotional and educational attributes beneficial to a child’s development.

Pre-Primary School

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum satisfies the minimum learning competencies prescribed by the Tanzanian Ministry of Education. These are the minimum levels of required instructional goals/objectives, curriculum areas (subject areas), for the regular preschool program that are prescribed for the Tanzanian education system.

Admission Process



The Ministry of Education also prescribes a class program with a required number of hours per week for each subject area. The Sunflower International School program exceeds the required number of hours per week for English, Mathematics, and Science.

Learning Approach

Our teachers implement a center-based approach. Along with whole class activities, students will work in small groups. Our center-based classroom is divided into different subject areas for the following different activities.


Dramatic play

Natural discovery

Reading and design

Arts and Crafts

Life at Sunflower

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