Learning Approach

Our teachers implement a center-based approach. Along with whole class activities, students will work in small groups. Our center-based classroom is divided into different subject areas for the following different activities: dramatic play, blocks, natural discovery, reading, design and arts and crafts. The activities of each center are designed to help children develop in different areas including social and emotional development, cognitive development, listening skills, communication, creativity, language skills, and both fine and gross motor skills.

Environmental responsibilities are encouraged and strongly enforced. During the school day staff will model responsible behavior towards the natural world. Students will be involved in gardening and recycling activities throughout the year.

Reports and Early Years Award Scheme

Reports are prepared at the end of each term in harmony with the assessment and reporting arrangements of the UK’s QCDA.

These reports will help parents to track their child’s progress and be aware of any difficulties their child may be experiencing. Parents evenings will be arranged at the end of each term, and reports can be discussed with our teachers.

Know More About Our Process

Extracurricular Activities


Where would the world be without it? Children have fun playing different musical instruments and learning how to incorporate that into their own songs.


Alternating without door sports on a weekly basis, the children are taught how to swim and play water sports.


A child’s flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness is channeled so their sense of calmness and relaxation improves.

Fun Brainy Quiz

Here at SISA, we understand that every minute a child is in school, they should be learning as much as possible; FBQs are a new strategy formulated to have quick and fun question during the child’s free time.


Here at SISA, we believe that a child’s creativity will flow best when their mind is freed from the demands of tension and stress. Meditation gives them a healthy rest so they can function more effectively and with clarity.

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