All of our facilities and toys are checked for suitability to the ages of those using them in addition to being regularly checked for potential hazards. We enforce that no child be left unsupervised at any point, and that during outdoor play there is one adult per 5 children. We prefer that parents provide sun protection cream of the type and factor which they prefer, as this will be kept in each child’s personal storage and applied regularly during outdoor play.

We follow all current legislation on fire procedures, and possess and practice the importance of our fire escape plan. All staff are provided with up-to-date first aid training. Copies of all registration forms are kept on file and include emergency contacts and details of your child’s hospital and doctor so that we are fully informed as to what action to take in case of emergency. Should any child have ongoing medical needs such as medicine to given while they are in our care, we ask that a written explanation be provided.

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